Welcome to learning more about finding balance in your life, whether you are a potential client seeking counseling toward such peace; or a fellow behavioral health professional with whom I can share my accumulated wisdom so you can pass it on.

“Everything in moderation,” is a frequent refrain. Aristotle defined virtue as the desirable middle ground between two extremes, the Golden Mean. Carlin Flora wrote a whole article in Psychology Today (July 2017) entitled “Moderation is the Key to Life.”  Over the course of my life and in almost 40 years as a counselor, I have learned that life is full of competing priorities we need to balance.  Like a juggler, we may often worry about “dropping the ball.” When we worry too much, we can get stuck, filled with anxiety.  If we don’t pay enough attention, we can ignore problems that come back to haunt us or alienate those who need us. With balance comes stability, confidence, and competence.

We all encounter stress that can throw us off balance, whether physical or emotional. We can’t prevent all unbalancing winds of stress, but when we recognize the potential stress, both predictable and unforeseen; by setting priorities, building strong foundations of personal values and supports, we can feel balanced and secure within ourselves and with others.

Laurie Ann Persh

Meet Laurie Persh

Sometimes it helps just to have a caring nonjudgmental person to talk to and bounce ideas off. Sometimes, people need a gentle push along with clear steps to take to make things better. After over 35 years working with clients from children to adult, public and private settings, I have learned what differences to respect and what common themes and needs to honor for all human beings. Throughout my career as a counselor/psychotherapist and educator, my strength continues to be my ability to understand human nature. I share with my clients: knowledge, respect, and guidance. It is a two-way learning process.

Being both a counselor, teacher and student of human interaction and feelings is now who I am no matter where I am. Sometimes, as for all of us, walking the journey of life feels as shaky as a rickety bridge; sometimes a solid ground-level balance beam. Sometimes, we feel steadier trying it alone. I can relate, and I know we can work together to go farther and feel better wherever you want your journey to go.

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